Who is the best surfer? It’s a question that has been debated among surf enthusiasts for years. From Kelly Slater to Stephanie Gilmore, there are countless talented surfers who have made their mark on the sport. But who truly reigns supreme? Let’s take a closer look at some of the top contenders and what makes them stand out in the world of surfing.

Who is considered the greatest surfer of all time?

Kelly Slater – The GOAT

As a surf shop owner, I’ve had countless debates with fellow surfers about who deserves the title of “greatest surfer of all time.” While there are many legends in the sport, one name seems to come up more than any other: Kelly Slater.

Slater’s career has been nothing short of remarkable. He’s won 11 world championships, dominated multiple eras of professional surfing, and pushed the boundaries of what was thought possible on a surfboard. But what sets him apart from other greats is his longevity. At 49 years old, he’s still competing at the highest level and showing no signs of slowing down.

Of course, there are those who argue that other surfers deserve the title more than Slater. Names like Duke Kahanamoku, Tom Curren, and Andy Irons often come up in these discussions. But for me personally, it’s hard to deny Slater’s impact on the sport and his status as a true surfing icon.

Why Kelly Slater?

– 11 World Championships
– Longevity in career
– Pushed boundaries in surfing
– Iconic status

Other Contenders:

– Duke Kahanamoku
– Tom Curren
– Andy Irons


While opinions may differ on who deserves the title of “greatest surfer,” it’s hard to ignore Kelly Slater’s accomplishments and impact on the sport. As a surf shop owner and avid fan myself, I have nothing but respect for this true legend of surfing.

Who is currently dominating the professional surfing circuit?

Gabriel Medina – The Brazilian Wunderkind

As someone who follows the professional surfing circuit closely, I can say that Gabriel Medina is currently one of the most dominant surfers in the world. The Brazilian prodigy burst onto the scene in 2011 as a teenager and quickly made a name for himself with his powerful and innovative surfing style.

Since then, he’s won two world championships (in 2014 and 2018) and consistently finishes near the top of the rankings. What sets Medina apart from other surfers is his ability to perform under pressure. He’s known for pulling off incredible maneuvers in critical moments, often snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

Of course, there are other talented surfers on tour who are also making waves (pun intended). Names like John John Florence, Italo Ferreira, and Carissa Moore all come to mind. But right now, it’s hard to deny Medina’s dominance and potential for even greater success in the future.

Why Gabriel Medina?

– Two World Championships
– Innovative surfing style
– Ability to perform under pressure

Other Contenders:

– John John Florence
– Italo Ferreira
– Carissa Moore


While there are many talented surfers on tour right now, Gabriel Medina stands out as one of the most dominant and exciting competitors to watch. As a surf shop owner and fan of the sport, I’m excited to see what he’ll accomplish in the years ahead.

Who was the first person to surf the infamous Pipeline in Hawaii?

Banzai Pipeline – A Surfing Legend

As someone who loves big wave surfing, Pipeline is a spot that holds a special place in my heart. Known for its massive barrels and dangerous reef break, it’s considered one of the most challenging waves in the world. But who was brave enough to surf it for the first time?

The honor of being the first person to ride Pipeline goes to a legendary surfer named Phil Edwards. In 1961, he and a group of fellow surfers ventured to Hawaii in search of new waves to conquer. They stumbled upon Pipeline and were immediately drawn to its potential.

Edwards was the first one to paddle out and take on the massive swell. He reportedly rode it perfectly, earning the respect of his peers and cementing Pipeline’s status as a world-class wave. Since then, countless surfers have attempted to ride its towering barrels, but few have been able to match Edwards’ pioneering feat.

Why Phil Edwards?

– First person to surf Pipeline
– Legendary surfer
– Pioneering spirit


Phil Edwards’ historic ride at Pipeline is a testament to the power of human ambition and the thrill of pushing oneself beyond their limits. As a surf shop owner and big wave enthusiast, I’m grateful for pioneers like Edwards who paved the way for future generations of surfers.

Who is known for their fearless big wave surfing at Mavericks in California?

Jay Moriarity – The Maverick Legend

Mavericks is another iconic big wave spot that attracts some of the most daring surfers in the world. Located off the coast of Northern California, it’s known for its massive swells that can reach up to 60 feet or more. But who made Mavericks their own personal playground?

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The answer is Jay Moriarity, a young surfer from Santa Cruz who became famous for his fearless approach to riding Mavericks’ monstrous waves. He gained national attention when he was just 16 years old by paddling out into a massive swell that had already claimed several experienced surfers.

Moriarity continued to push himself at Mavericks throughout his career, earning respect and admiration from his peers and fans alike. Tragically, he passed away in a diving accident at the age of 22, but his legacy lives on as a true surfing legend.

Why Jay Moriarity?

– Fearless big wave surfer
– Made Mavericks his own personal playground
– Legacy as a surfing legend


Jay Moriarity’s fearless approach to big wave surfing at Mavericks is a testament to the power of human courage and determination. As a surf shop owner and admirer of Moriarity’s legacy, I’m grateful for his contributions to the sport and his inspiring example for future generations of surfers.

Who has won the most world championships in surfing history?

Kelly Slater – The GOAT (Again)

We’re back to Kelly Slater again! As I mentioned earlier, he’s considered by many to be the greatest surfer of all time. But did you know that he also holds the record for most world championships in surfing history?

Slater has won 11 world titles over the course of his career, putting him ahead of other legendary surfers like Mark Richards, Tom Curren, and Andy Irons. What’s even more impressive is that he won his first championship in 1992 and his most recent one in 2011 – a span of nearly two decades!

It’s hard to overstate Slater’s impact on professional surfing and his status as an all-time great. His longevity and consistency are unmatched, making him a true icon of the sport.

Why Kelly Slater?

– 11 World Championships
– Longevity in career
– Consistency

Other Contenders:

– Mark Richards
– Tom Curren
– Andy Irons


Kelly Slater’s record-breaking 11 world championships are a testament to his incredible talent, work ethic, and dedication to the sport of surfing. As a surf shop owner and fan of the sport, I have nothing but respect for this true legend of surfing.

Who paved the way for women’s surfing and became a pioneer in the sport?

Linda Benson – The Queen of Malibu

Women’s surfing has come a long way since its early days, when female surfers were often overlooked or dismissed as mere novelties. But one woman who refused to be ignored was Linda Benson, a pioneering surfer who helped pave the way for future generations of female athletes.

Benson first made waves in the early 1960s as a teenager from Southern California. She quickly gained attention for her impressive skills on the board, earning the nickname “the queen of Malibu.” But it wasn’t just her talent that set her apart – it was also her willingness to challenge gender norms and fight for equal recognition in a male-dominated sport.

Over the course of her career, Benson won multiple national championships and competed against some of the best surfers in the world. But perhaps even more importantly, she inspired countless other women to take up surfing and push themselves beyond what society thought was possible.

Why Linda Benson?

– Pioneer in women’s surfing
– Impressive skills on board
– Fought for equal recognition


Linda Benson’s contributions to women’s surfing cannot be overstated. As a surf shop owner and fan of the sport, I’m grateful for pioneers like her who paved the way for future generations of female athletes.

Who is known for their stylish and graceful longboard surfing techniques?

Kassia Meador – The Longboard Queen

Longboarding is a style of surfing that emphasizes grace, style, and fluidity. It’s a beautiful art form that requires a special kind of talent and finesse. And few surfers embody this style better than Kassia Meador.

Meador is known for her stylish and graceful longboard techniques, which have earned her countless fans and admirers around the world. Her flowing movements on the board are a joy to watch, and she’s become an inspiration for many other female longboarders.

But Meador isn’t just a talented surfer – she’s also an advocate for environmental conservation and social justice issues. She uses her platform as a professional athlete to raise awareness about important causes and inspire positive change in the world.

Why Kassia Meador?

– Stylish and graceful longboard techniques
– Inspiration for female longboarders
– Advocate for environmental conservation


Kassia Meador’s talent, grace, and commitment to making the world a better place make her a true role model in the surfing community. As a surf shop owner and fan of the sport, I’m grateful for athletes like her who use their platform to inspire positive change.

Who made history by being the first African American to win a major surfing competition?

Nick Gabaldon – The Forgotten Pioneer

Surfing has traditionally been seen as a sport dominated by white men. But one man who broke through those barriers was Nick Gabaldon, an African American surfer who made history by winning a major competition in 1949.

Gabaldon grew up in Santa Monica during an era of segregation and discrimination. Despite facing numerous obstacles, he fell in love with surfing at an early age and became one of the few black surfers in Southern California.

In 1949, he entered the Pacific Coast Surfing Championships and shocked the surfing world by winning the event. It was a historic moment that paved the way for other surfers of color to follow in his footsteps.

Tragically, Gabaldon died just a few years later at the age of 24 while surfing at a dangerous spot in Malibu. But his legacy as a surfing pioneer lives on, inspiring future generations of surfers to break down barriers and push themselves beyond what society thinks is possible.

Why Nick Gabaldon?

– First African American to win a major competition
– Pioneering spirit
– Legacy as an inspiration for future generations


Nick Gabaldon’s groundbreaking achievement as the first African American to win a major surfing competition is a testament to his courage, talent, and pioneering spirit. As a surf shop owner and fan of the sport, I’m grateful for pioneers like him who paved the way for greater diversity and inclusion in surfing.

Who is credited with inventing tow-in surfing, allowing surfers to catch bigger waves than ever before?

Laird Hamilton – The Big Wave Innovator

Tow-in surfing is a technique that involves using jet skis or other watercraft to tow surfers into massive waves that would be impossible to catch with traditional paddling methods. It’s revolutionized big wave surfing and allowed athletes to push themselves beyond what was previously thought possible. And it all started with one man: Laird Hamilton.

Hamilton is known for his fearless approach to big wave surfing and his innovative spirit. In the early 1990s, he began experimenting with tow-in techniques in Hawaii, using jet skis to get himself and other surfers into massive swells that were previously unrideable.

The technique caught on quickly among other big wave enthusiasts, leading to new records being set and previously unexplored spots being discovered. Today, tow-in surfing is a common practice among big wave surfers around the world, and Hamilton is credited with inventing this game-changing technique.

Why Laird Hamilton?

– Inventor of tow-in surfing
– Fearless approach to big wave surfing
– Innovative spirit


Laird Hamilton’s pioneering work in developing tow-in surfing has forever changed the sport of big wave surfing. As a surf shop owner and fan of the sport, I’m grateful for innovators like him who push the boundaries of what’s possible on a surfboard.

Who gained fame for their impressive aerial maneuvers and innovative approach to surfing?

Gabriel Medina – The Brazilian Phenom (Again)

We’re back to Gabriel Medina again! As I mentioned earlier, he’s currently one of the most dominant surfers on tour. But what sets him apart from other competitors is his innovative approach to surfing and his impressive aerial maneuvers.

Medina is known for pushing the limits of what can be done on a surfboard, often launching himself into the air with incredible speed and height. His ability to execute these maneuvers with precision and style has earned him countless fans around the world.

But it’s not just his aerial skills that make Medina stand out – it’s also his strategic thinking and competitive drive. He’s always looking for ways to gain an edge over his opponents, whether it’s by choosing unconventional lines or taking

Who overcame a shark attack to continue pursuing their passion for surfing and inspiring others along the way?

Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton is a professional surfer from Hawaii who gained international recognition after surviving a shark attack at the age of 13. Despite losing her left arm in the attack, Hamilton continued to pursue her passion for surfing and has since become an inspiration to many. She has won numerous surfing competitions, including the NSSA National Championships, and has even written a book about her experience called “Soul Surfer”.
Hamilton also established the Friends of Bethany foundation, which supports shark attack survivors and amputees. Through this foundation, she encourages others to overcome their challenges and pursue their dreams.

Who has become an advocate for environmental conservation through their love of surfing and ocean activism efforts?

Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater is one of the most successful surfers of all time, with 11 world championship titles under his belt. However, he is also known for his efforts in promoting environmental conservation through his love of surfing. Slater has been an outspoken advocate for protecting our oceans and marine life from pollution and climate change.
In addition to speaking out on these issues, Slater founded the Kelly Slater Foundation in 2010, which aims to support environmental causes through education, advocacy, and research. He also helped create the Surf Ranch in California, which uses sustainable technology to create artificial waves that reduce water waste.

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Who made headlines by successfully riding a 100-foot wave at Nazaré in Portugal, setting a new world record?

Garrett McNamara

Garrett McNamara is an American big wave surfer who made history when he rode a 100-foot wave at Nazaré in Portugal, setting a new world record. McNamara has been surfing for over 30 years and is known for his fearless approach to tackling some of the biggest waves in the world.
McNamara has also used his platform as a professional surfer to raise awareness about ocean conservation issues. He founded the WSL Pure initiative, which supports research and education on ocean health and sustainability. McNamara continues to inspire others through his incredible feats on the waves and his commitment to protecting our oceans.

Who has been recognized as one of the most influential surfers of all time, shaping both surf culture and board design throughout their career?

Laird Hamilton

Laird Hamilton is an American big wave surfer who has been recognized as one of the most influential surfers of all time. Throughout his career, Hamilton has pushed the boundaries of what is possible in surfing, riding massive waves that few others would dare attempt.
In addition to his impressive surfing skills, Hamilton has also made significant contributions to surf culture and board design. He helped popularize tow-in surfing, which involves using a jet ski or other motorized vehicle to catch larger waves that would be impossible to paddle into. Hamilton also worked with shapers to develop new types of boards that could handle bigger waves more effectively.

Who is your personal favorite surfer, and why do you admire them?

Sally Fitzgibbons

Sally Fitzgibbons is an Australian professional surfer who I admire for her incredible talent and dedication to her sport. She has won numerous competitions around the world and consistently ranks among the top female surfers in the world rankings.
What I admire most about Fitzgibbons is her positive attitude and commitment to helping others. She has used her platform as a professional surfer to support various charities and organizations, including One Wave, which raises awareness about mental health issues. Fitzgibbons is also an ambassador for the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, which uses sport to promote social change.

In conclusion, the title “Who’s the Best Surfer” is subjective and varies depending on personal preference. However, what’s important is that we all share a love for the sport and strive to improve every day. If you’re looking to enhance your surfing experience, be sure to check out our products and get in touch with us. We’re always happy to chat with fellow surf enthusiasts!

Who is the most famous surfer in Hawaii?

Place of birth: Lihue, Kauai. In a sport where Kelly Slater has been the dominant figure, there was only one surfer who was able to compete with him at his peak: Andy Irons.

Who is the best female surfer of all time?

Layne Beachley is widely regarded as the ultimate surfer girl and likely the greatest female surfer in history. This talented Australian athlete has achieved seven world surfing championships, a record that has yet to be surpassed.

Who is the king of surfing?

Kelly Slater, a world champion surfer, has referred to Duke Kahanamoku as the king of surfing. Kahanamoku, who competed in the Olympics, suggested that surfing should become an official sport in the Olympic Games.

Who was the surfer that was King hit?

Kelly Slater, a renowned surfer, commemorates the late professional surfer Chris Davidson. Davidson, who was 45 years old, tragically passed away after reportedly being struck and hitting his head on the ground on Saturday night.

Who is the best black surfer?

Montgomery “Buttons” Kaluhiokalani is widely regarded as a legendary figure in the surfing community. During his peak years, he was closely associated with renowned surfers Larry Bertlemann and Mark Liddel. Buttons, as he was commonly known, was born to a Black father who served in the military and a Hawaiian mother. This information was reported on May 25, 2019.

Who is the American surfer to ride heaviest wave?

On May 24, 2022, Sebastian Steudtner set a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for surfing the largest wave ever surfed (unlimited category) by a male.