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Our Story

The Beginning of Surflagune

Surfing has always been a passion for us. We grew up watching surf videos and dreaming of riding the waves ourselves. But living in Nürnberg, Germany, we never thought we would have the opportunity to do so. That is until we went on a trip to Hawaii and got our first taste of surfing. We were hooked.

When we returned home, we started searching for surf shops in Nürnberg but couldn’t find any that met our needs. Most shops only had a limited selection of boards and gear, and they were often overpriced. That’s when we decided to start our own surf shop – Surflagune.

The Challenges We Faced

Starting a business is never easy, especially when you’re trying to bring something new to the market. Our biggest challenge was finding suppliers who could provide us with high-quality gear at an affordable price. We spent months researching different brands and reaching out to manufacturers before finally finding the perfect ones.

Another challenge was finding the right location for our shop. We wanted to be close to the water so that surfers could easily stop by after a session, but also in an area where there was enough foot traffic to attract new customers. After scouting several locations, we finally found one that met all of our requirements.

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Our Unique Approach

At Surflagune, we pride ourselves on being more than just a surf shop – we’re a community hub for surfers in Nürnberg. We host regular events such as movie nights and beach cleanups, and offer workshops on topics such as board repair and ocean conservation.

We also believe in sustainability and try to minimize our impact on the environment as much as possible. All of our packaging is eco-friendly, and we encourage customers to bring their own bags or use one of our reusable ones.

The Future of Surflagune

We’re excited to see where Surflagune will take us in the future. Our ultimate goal is to become the go-to surf shop for all of Germany, and even expand into neighboring countries. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our selection and services, while staying true to our values of community and sustainability.

If you’re ever in Nürnberg, be sure to stop by Surflagune and say hi. We’d love to chat about surfing, life, or anything else that comes up.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a thrilling adventure on the water, kitesurfing is the perfect sport for you! Our kitesurfing equipment is top-notch and ready to take you on your next ride. Check out our products and get in touch with us to start your kitesurfing journey today! We can’t wait to see you out on the waves.

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How much does a full kitesurfing kite cost?

To ensure safety, it is highly advised to budget around $500 to $800 for lessons. Additionally, you will need to purchase at least two kites, which can range from $500 (used) to over $1000 (new) each. Other necessary items include a kiteboard ($300 to $500), a harness ($75 to $200), a kite pump ($30 to $50), a wetsuit ($150 to $300), and an impact vest ($50 to $100).

Why are kiteboards so expensive?

Regarding the components utilized in constructing kites, they are not made of linens or handkerchiefs. Furthermore, the lengthy kite lines are not comprised of shoelaces. Instead, both the kite and its lines are constructed from highly durable but lightweight materials. As the strength and lightness of these materials increase, the cost of the combination also rises.


Can I teach myself to kitesurf?

You don’t need any prior knowledge to learn kitesurfing, but it can be helpful if you have some experience with wind-related activities like flying kites or board sports such as wakeboarding, snowboarding, surfing, or windsurfing. However, even without any experience, you can still quickly learn and succeed in kitesurfing.

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How hard is it to learn kiteboarding?

When compared to other water and wind sports, kiteboarding is considered to be relatively easy to learn. The process of learning kiteboarding is faster compared to windsurfing, and individuals who engage in kiteboarding will progress more quickly within their first year of practice. However, kiteboarding is more technically challenging than wakeboarding.

What is easier kitesurfing or surfing?

For those who are not familiar with both sports, they often assume that surfing is the easier one. However, both surfing and kitesurfing require a significant amount of time and effort to learn. According to instructors, kitesurfing generally takes less time to learn compared to surfing.

How many days does it take to learn kitesurfing?

It typically takes around 6 to 12 hours to learn the fundamentals of kitesurfing. This means that you can become proficient in kitesurfing within two to three days. Within this timeframe, you can learn all the basic skills necessary for kitesurfing.