If you’re looking for the best wetsuits for spearfishing, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of top-rated wetsuits that will keep you comfortable and protected while diving deep in search of your next big catch.

Introduction to spearfishing wetsuits

Why are wetsuits essential for spearfishing?

Ah, the magical world of spearfishing! Imagine gliding through the depths of the ocean, feeling like a sleek aquatic ninja on a mission to catch some delicious seafood. But hold on just a second – before you dive in, you’ll need the ultimate underwater armor: a spearfishing wetsuit.

What makes spearfishing wetsuits different from regular wetsuits?

Spearfishing wetsuits are not your average swimsuit attire. These specialized suits are designed to keep you warm, protect you from scratches and stings, and help you blend into your underwater surroundings like a stealthy predator. With features like camouflage patterns, reinforced padding, and built-in knife pockets, these suits are your trusty sidekick in the underwater hunt.

How do spearfishing wetsuits enhance your performance?

Picture this: You’re stalking your prey beneath the waves, ready to strike with precision and speed. A well-fitted spearfishing wetsuit not only keeps you comfortable and warm but also improves your hydrodynamics. With reduced drag and increased flexibility, you’ll move through the water like a graceful mermaid (or merman) on a mission.

Factors to consider when choosing a spearfishing wetsuit

Thickness and insulation

When selecting a spearfishing wetsuit, consider the water temperature of your hunting grounds. A thicker suit provides more insulation for colder waters, while a thinner suit offers greater flexibility for warmer climates. Choose wisely to stay comfortable and focused during your underwater adventures.

Camouflage design

The art of blending in is crucial for successful spearfishing. Opt for a wetsuit with a camouflage pattern that matches the colors of your environment. Whether you’re lurking among rocks or seaweed beds, invisibility is key to getting up close and personal with your aquatic targets.

Durability and protection

Spearfishing can be rough on gear, especially when navigating sharp reefs or rocky seabeds. Look for a wetsuit with reinforced padding in high-wear areas to shield you from abrasions and impacts. A durable suit will not only keep you safe but also withstand the rigors of your underwater escapades.

Top brands and models of spearfishing wetsuits

Aqualung Sphera X Wetsuit

  • Features 5mm neoprene for optimal warmth
  • Camouflage design for stealthy hunting
  • Anatomical cut for superior fit and mobility

Mares Instinct Camo Brown Wetsuit

  • Designed for maximum comfort and flexibility
  • Built-in chest loading pad for speargun support
  • Durable knee pads for added protection during dives

Benefits of wearing a high-quality wetsuit for spearfishing

All-day comfort in the water

A top-notch spearfishing wetsuit ensures that you stay cozy and snug throughout your underwater excursions. Say goodbye to shivers and chills as you focus on honing your hunting skills without distractions.

Improved buoyancy control

The right wetsuit can help fine-tune your buoyancy control underwater, allowing you to glide effortlessly through different depths with precision. Maintaining proper buoyancy is key to conserving energy and maximizing your time below the surface.

Protection against marine hazards

From sharp rocks to jellyfish stings, the ocean is full of surprises that can put a damper on your spearfishing fun. A high-quality wetsuit acts as a barrier against potential dangers, keeping you safe from cuts, scrapes, and unwanted encounters with sea creatures.

How to properly care for and maintain your spearfishing wetsuit

Rinsing after Use

After each spearfishing session, it is important to rinse your wetsuit thoroughly with fresh water. This helps remove salt, sand, and other debris that can degrade the material over time. Make sure to turn the wetsuit inside out and rinse both the outside and inside surfaces.


  • Use a hose or shower to rinse off the wetsuit
  • Avoid using hot water as it can damage the neoprene
  • Hang the wetsuit in a shaded area to dry completely before storing


Proper storage of your spearfishing wetsuit is essential for maintaining its longevity. Store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Avoid folding or creasing the wetsuit as this can cause permanent damage to the material.


  • Hang the wetsuit on a wide hanger to maintain its shape
  • Avoid storing in plastic bags or containers as they can trap moisture
  • Regularly inspect for any signs of wear or tear and address them promptly

Tips for maximizing comfort and performance while wearing a wetsuit

Fitting Properly

One of the key factors in maximizing comfort and performance while wearing a wetsuit is ensuring that it fits properly. A well-fitted wetsuit should be snug but not constricting, allowing for ease of movement without excess water seeping in.


  • Consult size charts provided by manufacturers before purchasing
  • If between sizes, opt for a tighter fit as neoprene stretches when wet
  • Consider custom-made options for an optimal fit tailored to your body shape

Maintaining Body Temperature

To maximize comfort during long spearfishing sessions, it is important to maintain your body temperature while wearing a wetsuit. Layering with appropriate thermal wear underneath can help regulate body heat and prevent hypothermia in colder waters.

Comparing different types of wetsuits for varying water temperatures

Wetsuit Thickness

One of the key factors to consider when choosing a wetsuit for varying water temperatures is the thickness of the neoprene. Thicker wetsuits provide better insulation and are ideal for colder waters, while thinner wetsuits are more suitable for warmer temperatures. A 3mm wetsuit is typically recommended for waters around 70°F, while a 5mm or 7mm wetsuit would be more appropriate for temperatures below 60°F.


  • For waters between 65-75°F: A 3/2mm wetsuit is a versatile option that can be used in a variety of conditions.
  • For waters below 60°F: Consider a 5/4mm or even a 7mm wetsuit with added features like sealed seams and thermal lining for maximum warmth.

Seam Construction

The type of seam construction on a wetsuit can also impact its ability to keep you warm in varying water temperatures. Flatlock seams are less effective at preventing water from seeping in compared to sealed or blind-stitched seams. For colder waters, opt for a wetsuit with glued and blind-stitched seams or taped seams to minimize flushing and maintain heat retention.


  • For cold water diving: Look for wetsuits with sealed seams or liquid-sealed seams to ensure minimal water entry and maximum warmth retention.
  • For warmer waters: Flatlock seams may be sufficient, but consider taped seams if you plan on spending extended periods in the water.

Customer reviews and recommendations for the best spearfishing wetsuits

Spearfishing Specific Features

When it comes to choosing the best spearfishing wetsuit, there are certain features that can enhance your overall experience underwater. Look for suits with reinforced padding on the chest and knees to protect against abrasions from rocks and marine life. Additionally, camouflage patterns can help you blend into your surroundings and improve your chances of catching fish without being detected.


  • Brands like Cressi and Beuchat offer spearfishing-specific suits with built-in loading pads, knife pockets, and integrated hoods for added convenience.
  • Suits with open-cell neoprene are highly recommended for their superior flexibility and insulation properties, making them ideal for extended spearfishing sessions in various water temperatures.

Breathability and Comfort

Spearfishing often involves long periods of waiting or swimming underwater, so prioritizing breathability and comfort in your wetsuit is essential. Look for suits with strategic ventilation panels or perforated neoprene to prevent overheating while maintaining warmth. Anatomical cuts and stretchy materials can also improve mobility and reduce fatigue during extended dives.


  • Spearfishing enthusiasts recommend brands like Omer and Mares for their lightweight yet durable wetsuits that offer optimal breathability without compromising on insulation.
  • Avoid bulky designs or excessive padding that could restrict movement or cause discomfort during prolonged dives. Opt for tailored fits that provide freedom of movement without sacrificing thermal protection.

In conclusion, choosing the best wetsuit for spearfishing is essential for comfort and performance in the water. Make sure to check out our products to find the perfect fit for your next diving adventure!